Ramses Composer versions and dependencies

You can find out which are the versions of Ramses and Ramses Logic in the Help->About menu of the Ramses Composer. We also mention changes to the shipped library versions in the CHANGELOG file in the source repository.

For a comprehensive list of the Ramses Toolchain releases (of which the Ramses Composer is a part of) alongside upgrade hints and future plans, please refer to the Ramses SDK docs.

Switching to a newer version of the Composer (Project files)

The Ramses Composer is designed to be backwards compatible. Loading an older file into a newer version of the Composer should not cause any data loss, and the scenes should produce the same visual result and behavior.

However, the file format is not forward-compatible, meaning that once you save a file with a newer version of the Composer, older versions of the tool won’t be able to open it any more.

Ramses Dependencies (Runtime)

The Ramses Composer has an API and ABI dependency on the Ramses Engine and the Ramses Logic Engine. This means that an upgrade to a newer version of the composer which also includes a major update of any of the Ramses dependencies will require a re-export of existing binary files, and also an upgrade of the engine/lib versions in your native code. In general, we invest a lot of effort to make this process as smooth and transparent as possible - but we ask for understanding that using newer features sometimes requires also updating your code slightly.

Custom versions

The above table lists the officially supported combinations of the Composer, Ramses and the Ramses Logic Engine. You can substitute any (newer!) non-major-version of the Ramses dependencies, and in some cases also use an older patch version. We advise against doing this, unless you have a good reason for it!